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Glossary of WSA NonSurvey attributes (UKIDSSDR11)

This Glossary alphabetically lists all attributes used in the WSA NonSurvey database(s) held in the WSA. If you would like to have more information about the schema tables please use the Schema Browser (other Browser versions).


NameSchema TableDatabaseDescriptionTypeLengthUnitDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
tableExtName [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey Extension name of source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  EXTNAME} varchar 16   NONE ??
tableFields [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey No. of fields per row in source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  TFIELDS} smallint 2   -9999 ??
tableGcount [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey FITS binary table required keyword {catalogue extension keyword:  GCOUNT} smallint 2   -9999 ??
tableID [nspid]MapSurveyTables WSA NonSurvey the unique table ID int 4      
tableID [nspid]ProgrammeTable WSA NonSurvey the unique table ID int 4     meta.id;meta.main
tableID [nspid]RequiredNeighbours WSA NonSurvey the unique identifier for the programme table int 4     meta.id
tableName [nspid]ProgrammeTable WSA NonSurvey the name of the table varchar 256     meta.id;meta.dataset
tablePcount [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey FITS binary table required keyword {catalogue extension keyword:  PCOUNT} smallint 2   -9999 ??
tableRows [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey No. of rows in source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  NAXIS2} int 4   -99999999 ??
tableWidth [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey Row size of source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  NAXIS1} smallint 2 bytes -9999 ??
tauCSO [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Tau at 225 GHz from CSO {image primary HDU keyword: CSOTAU} real 4   -0.9999995e9 phys.absorption.opticalDepth
tauDate [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Time and date of Tau reading {image primary HDU keyword: TAUDATE} datetime 8 MM-DD-YYYY 12-31-9999 time.epoch
tauSource [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Source of opacity data {image primary HDU keyword: TAUSRC} varchar 64   NONE meta.ref.url
telDec [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Current telescope declination {image primary HDU keyword: TELDEC} float 8 degrees -0.9999995e9 pos.eq.dec;meta.main
telescope [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Telescope name {image primary HDU keyword: TELESCOP} varchar 32   NONE  
telFocus [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Telescope focus {image primary HDU keyword: TCS_FOC} real 4   -0.9999995e9  
telRa [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Current telescope right ascension {image primary HDU keyword: TELRA} float 8 hours -0.9999995e9 pos.eq.ra;meta.main
thresholdIsoph [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey Isophotal analysis threshold {catalogue extension keyword:  THRESHOL} real 4 counts -0.9999995e9 ??
Tunable parameter, the default is to set this to 1.5 skynoise as a compromise between detecting close to the limit of the data and not being swamped by spurious sources. It is possible to push the data limit fainter but at the expense of a large increase in spurious sources. LSBG detection requires a more subtle add-on to the catalogue and could be added given suitable demand.
tileNum [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Tile number applied to all members {image primary HDU keyword: TILENUM} int 4   -99999999  
timeScale [nspid]RequiredMapAverages WSA NonSurvey Time scale to average over (days) real 4 days -0.999995e9  
timeStamp [nspid]ArchiveCurationHistory WSA NonSurvey Time of the completion of the whole task datetime 8 UTC   time.epoch
timeStamp [nspid]ProgrammeCurationHistory WSA NonSurvey Time of individual programme curation completion datetime 8 UTC   time.epoch
title [nspid]Programme WSA NonSurvey a short title for the programme, eg. "UKIDSS Large Area Survey" varchar 64     meta.note
topAirTempNW [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Top air NW {image primary HDU keyword: TOPAIRNW} real 4 degrees_Celsius -0.9999995e9 phys.temperature
topRingTemp [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Top ring temperature {image primary HDU keyword: TR_TEMP} real 4 degrees_Kelvin -0.9999995e9  
totalExpTime [nspid]MultiframeDetector WSA NonSurvey Total exposure time for this detector real 4 seconds -0.9999995e9  
trackSys [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Telescope tracking coordinate system, eg J2000, MOUNT etc. {image primary HDU keyword: TRACKSYS} varchar 64   NONE time.equinox
trailID [nspid]SatTrailOrphans, [nspid]SatelliteOrbitsTrails WSA NonSurvey UID of satellite trail bigint 8     ID_MAIN
trailID [nspid]SatelliteDetection WSA NonSurvey Unique identifier for this detection, or default for no detection bigint 8   -99999999 ID_MAIN
This attribute is included to provide a single identification number for real detection rows (objID>0) when making cross-neighbour tables between source and detection. In general, users should NOT use this attribute for look-ups between the source and detection tables, because every detector frame has a default row in the detection table, so there are many, many thousands of rows with objID=-99999999 in each detection table which will be associated with every look-up of objID=-99999999 from source (i.e. those rows for which there is no detection or no frame in a particular passband). See the glossary entry for objID in source tables for more information.
trefAmpl [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Trefoil: Amplitude {image primary HDU keyword: TAMP} real 4   -0.9999995e9  
trefPhi [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Trefoil: angle {image primary HDU keyword: TPHI} real 4   -0.9999995e9  
trussTempENE [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Truss leg ENE {image primary HDU keyword: TRUSSENE} real 4 degrees_Celsius -0.9999995e9 phys.temperature
trussTempWSW [nspid]Multiframe WSA NonSurvey Truss leg WSW {image primary HDU keyword: TRUSSWSW} real 4 degrees_Celsius -0.9999995e9 phys.temperature

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