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WFCAM non-Survey programmes

Futher info for users is also available in a cookbook at JACH.

In addition to the UKIDSS survey data the WFCAM Science Archive (WSA) can also house pipeline processed, non-survey WFCAM data taken for private programmes (Note the WSA will NOT hold the raw data).

Principal Investigators (PIs) wishing to access their non-survey data through the WSA must first register their programme using the registration form. Programmes should only be registered once and by the PI.

Registered users will be notified when any of their data have been ingested into the archive, typically for flat-file access this will be within a month of receipt of the pipeline processed data.

Initial access will only be to the flat-files, (i.e. the FITS images and catalogues), via the archive listing form. Subsequent curation tasks will then produce a released database for a given nonSurvey project. Users will again be notified once the released database is ready and accessible. The main benefit of the released database is that it holds one or two tables containing the objects from the FITS catalogues. All object catalogues are loaded in the projects DETECTION table and if requested at registration the objects are source merged (objects paired across wavebands) and loaded into the SOURCE table. See data overview.

In order to access the data users will need to login using their non-survey username and password (supplied with the notification). Co-Investigators should ask the PI of their programme for these login details. Users will then be able to access their data using most of the same interfaces as supplied for the UKIDSS data.

A table of registered non-survey programmes is given in the status page .

Users working with multi-epoch data, particularly programmes with a small number of epochs should visit the known issues page, for details of a known bug.

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