TABLE  calDetection

Contains the individual CAL source detections for each frame.

This table contains the individual detections for sources originating
from multiframe images taken for the Calibration (CAL).

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (multiframeID,extNum,seqNum)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
multiframeIDbigint8 the UID of the relevant multiframe ID_FRAME
extNumtinyint1 the extension number of this frame NUMBER
cuEventIDint4 UID of curation event giving rise to this record REFER_CODE
seqNum tooltipint4 the running number of this detection {catalogue TType keyword: Sequence_number} ID_NUMBER
filterIDtinyint1 UID of combined filter (assigned in WSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=K,6=H2,7=Br,8=blank) INST_FILTER_CODE
isoFlux link to glossaryreal4ADUInstrumental isophotal flux counts {catalogue TType keyword: Isophotal_flux} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
isoMagreal4magCalibrated isophotal magnitude PHOT_INT-MAG
x tooltipreal4pixelsX coordinate of detection {catalogue TType keyword: X_coordinate} POS_PLATE_X
xErr tooltipreal4pixelsError in X coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: X_coordinate_err} ERROR
y tooltipreal4pixelsY coordinate of detection {catalogue TType keyword: Y_coordinate} POS_PLATE_Y
yErr tooltipreal4pixelsError in Y coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: Y_coordinate_err} ERROR
gauSig link to glossaryreal4pixelsRMS of axes of ellipse fit {catalogue TType keyword: Gaussian_sigma} MORPH_PARAM
ellreal4 1-b/a, where a/b=semi-major/minor axes {catalogue TType keyword: Ellipticity} PHYS_ELLIPTICITY
pa tooltipreal4degreesellipse fit orientation to x axis {catalogue TType keyword: Position_angle} POS_POS-ANG
aProf1 link to glossaryreal4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 1 (can be non-integer for deblends) {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_1_profile} NUMBER
aProf2 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_2_profile} NUMBER
aProf3 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 3 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_3_profile} NUMBER
aProf4 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 4 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_4_profile} NUMBER
aProf5 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 5 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_5_profile} NUMBER
aProf6 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 6 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_6_profile} NUMBER
aProf7 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 7 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_7_profile} NUMBER
aProf8 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 8 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_8_profile} NUMBER
pHeight tooltipreal4ADUHighest pixel value above sky {catalogue TType keyword: Peak_height} PHOT_COUNTS_MISC
pHeightErrreal4ADUError in peak height {catalogue TType keyword: Peak_height_err} ERROR
aperFlux1 tooltip real4ADUDefault aperture flux counts 1 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_1} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux1errreal4ADUError in aperture flux counts 1 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_1_err} ERROR
aperMag1real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 1 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag1errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 1 ERROR
aperFlux2 tooltipreal4ADUDefault aperture flux 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_2} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux2errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_2_err} ERROR
aperMag2real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 2 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag2errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 2 ERROR
aperFlux3 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 3 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_3} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux3errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 3 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_3_err} ERROR
aperMag3real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 3 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag3errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 3 ERROR
aperFlux4 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 4 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_4} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux4errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 4 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_4_err} ERROR
aperMag4real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 4 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag4errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 4 ERROR
aperFlux5 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 5 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_5} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux5errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 5 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_5_err} ERROR
aperMag5real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 5 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag5errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 5 ERROR
aperFlux6 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 6 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_6} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux6errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 6 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_6_err} ERROR
aperMag6real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 6 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag6errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 6 ERROR
aperFlux7 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 7 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_7} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux7errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 7 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_7_err} ERROR
aperMag7real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 7 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag7errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 7 ERROR
aperFlux8 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 8 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_8} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux8errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 8 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_8_err} ERROR
aperMag8real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 8 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag8errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 8 ERROR
aperFlux9 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 9 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_9} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux9errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 9 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_9_err} ERROR
aperMag9real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 9 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag9errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 9 ERROR
aperFlux10 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 10 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_10} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux10errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 10 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_10_err} ERROR
aperMag10real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 10 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag10errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 10 ERROR
aperFlux11 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 11 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_11} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux11errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 11 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_11_err} ERROR
aperMag11real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 11 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag11errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 11 ERROR
aperFlux12 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 12 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_12} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux12errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 12 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_12_err} ERROR
aperMag12real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 12 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag12errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 12 ERROR
aperFlux13 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 13 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_13} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
aperFlux13errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 13 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_13_err} ERROR
aperMag13real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 13 PHOT_INT-MAG
aperMag13errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 13 ERROR
petroRadreal4pixelsr_p as defined in Yasuda et al. 2001 AJ 112 1104 {catalogue TType keyword: Petr_radius} EXTENSION_RAD
kronRadreal4pixelsr_k as defined in Bertin and Arnouts 1996 A&A Supp 117 393 {catalogue TType keyword: Kron_radius} EXTENSION_RAD
hallRadreal4pixelsr_h image scale radius eg. Hall & Mackay 1984 MNRAS 210 979 {catalogue TType keyword: Hall_radius} EXTENSION_RAD
petroFluxreal4ADUflux within circular aperture to k × r_p ; k = 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Petr_flux} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
petroFluxErrreal4ADUerror on Petrosian flux {catalogue TType keyword: Petr_flux_err} ERROR
petroMagreal4magCalibrated Petrosian magnitude within circular aperture r_p PHOT_INT-MAG
petroMagErrreal4magerror on calibrated Petrosian magnitude ERROR
kronFluxreal4ADUflux within circular aperture to k × r_k ; k = 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Kron_flux} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
kronFluxErrreal4ADUerror on Kron flux {catalogue TType keyword: Kron_flux_err} ERROR
kronMagreal4magCalibrated Kron magnitude within circular aperture r_k PHOT_INT-MAG
kronMagErrreal4magerror on calibrated Kron magnitude ERROR
hallFluxreal4ADUflux within circular aperture to k × r_h; k = 5; alternative total flux {catalogue TType keyword: Hall_flux} PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
hallFluxErrreal4ADUerror on Hall flux {catalogue TType keyword: Hall_flux_err} ERROR
hallMagreal4magCalibrated magnitude within circular aperture r_hall PHOT_INT-MAG
hallMagErrreal4magCalibrated error on Hall magnitude ERROR
errBits link to glossaryint4 processing warning/error bitwise flags {catalogue TType keyword: Error_bit_flag} CODE_MISC
skyreal4ADUlocal interpolated sky level from background tracker {catalogue TType keyword: Sky_level} INST_SKY_LEVEL
skyVarreal4ADUlocal estimate of variation in sky level around image {catalogue TType keyword: Sky_rms} INST_SKY_LEVEL
deblend link to glossaryint4 Placeholder flag for parent or part of deblended deconstruct (redundant since only deblended images are kept) {catalogue TType keyword: Parent_or_child}-99999999CODE_MISC
ra link to glossaryfloat8DegreesCelestial Right Ascension POS_EQ_RA_MAIN
dec link to glossaryfloat8DegreesCelestial Declination POS_EQ_DEC_MAIN
cxfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates POS_EQ_X
cyfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates POS_EQ_Y
czfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates POS_EQ_Z
htmIDbigint8 Hierarchical Triangular Mesh (HTM) index, 20 deep, for equatorial co-ordinates POS_GENERAL
lfloat8DegreesGalactic longitude POS_GAL_LON
bfloat8DegreesGalactic latitude POS_GAL_LAT
lambdafloat8DegreesSDSS system spherical co-ordinate 1 POS
etafloat8DegreesSDSS system spherical co-ordinate 2 POS
class tooltip smallint2 Flag indicating most probable morphological classification {catalogue TType keyword: Classification} CLASS_MISC
classStat link to glossaryreal4 N(0,1) stellarness-of-profile statistic {catalogue TType keyword: Statistic} STAT_PROP
psfFluxreal4ADUPSF-fitted flux {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_flux}-0.9999995e9PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
psfFluxErrreal4ADUError on PSF-fitted flux {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_flux_err}-0.9999995e9ERROR
psfMagreal4magPSF-fitted calibrated magnitude-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE
psfMagErrreal4magError on PSF-fitted calibrated magnitude-0.9999995e9ERROR
psfFitXreal4pixelsPSF-fitted X coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_X}-0.9999995e9POS_PLATE_X
psfFitXerrreal4pixelsError on PSF-fitted X coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_X_err}-0.9999995e9ERROR
psfFitYreal4pixelsPSF-fitted Y coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_Y}-0.9999995e9POS_PLATE_Y
psfFitYerrreal4pixelsError on PSF-fitted Y coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_y_err}-0.9999995e9ERROR
psfFitChi2real4 standard normalised variance of PSF fit {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_chi2}-0.9999995e9FIT_STDEV
psfFitDofsmallint2 no. of degrees of freedom of PSF fit {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_dof}-9999STAT_N-DOF
SerFlux1D tooltipreal4ADU1D Sersic flux {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_flux}-0.9999995e9PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
SerMag1D tooltipreal4magCalibrated 1D Sersic flux-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE
SerScaleLen1D tooltipreal4 Scale length {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_scale_len}-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE_PAR
SerIdx1D tooltipreal4 Power law index {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_index}-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE_PAR
SerFit1DChi2 tooltipreal4 Error in 1D fit {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_fit_chi2}-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE_PAR
SerFitNu1D tooltipreal4 No. of degrees of freedom for 1D Sersic fit {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_fit_nu}-0.9999995e9STAT_N-DOF
SerFlux2D tooltipreal4ADU2D Sersic flux {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_flux}-0.9999995e9PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU
SerMag2D tooltipreal4magCalibrated 2D Sersic flux-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE
SerScaleLen2D tooltipreal4 Scale length {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_scale_len}-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE_PAR
SerIdx2D tooltipreal4 Power law index {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_index}-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE_PAR
SerFit2DChi2 tooltipreal4 Error in 2D fit {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_fit_chi2}-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE_PAR
SerFitNu2D tooltipreal4 No. of degrees of freedom for 2D Sersic fit {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_fit_nu}-0.9999995e9STAT_N-DOF
ppErrBits link to glossaryint4 additional WFAU post-processing error bits0CODE_MISC
deprecated link to glossarytinyint1 Code for a current (=0) or deprecated (!=0) detection0CODE_MISC
objID link to glossarybigint8 Unique identifier for this detection or default for no detection-99999999ID_MAIN
Total length563