TABLE  Multiframe

Contains details of all multiframes stored in the archive.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (multiframeID)
  • (filterID) references Filter(filterID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
multiframeIDbigint8 UID of the multiframe (assigned sequentially by the archive ingest process) obs.field
ukirtRunNoint4 Original UKIRT run number (from filename) meta.bib
creationDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYYFile creation date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) {image primary HDU keyword: DATE}12-31-9999time.epoch
frameType tooltip varchar64 The type of multiframe (eg. stack|tile|mosaic|difference|calibration|interleaved etc).normalmeta.code.class
cuEventIDint4 UID of curation event giving rise to this record meta.bib
julianDayNumint4Julian daysthe Julian Day number of the UKIRT night time.epoch
fileTimeStampbigint8 Time stamp digits (from the original CASU directory name and file time stamp) for enforcing uniqueness ??
observervarchar64 Observers names {image primary HDU keyword: OBSERVER}
useridvarchar64 Userid logged in as {image primary HDU keyword: USERID}
obsrefvarchar64 PATT or other reference {image primary HDU keyword: OBSREF}NONEmeta.bib
projectvarchar64 Time-allocation code {image primary HDU keyword: PROJECT}NONEmeta.bib
surveyvarchar64 Survey description {image primary HDU keyword: SURVEY}NONE??
pointingIDvarchar64 Pointing ID within survey {image primary HDU keyword: SURVEY_I}NONE??
msbIDvarchar64 Id min.-schedulable block {image primary HDU keyword: MSBID}
objectvarchar64 Object name from telescope {image primary HDU keyword: OBJECT}
originvarchar32 Origin of this FITS file (eg. UKIRT) {image primary HDU keyword: ORIGIN}NONE 
telescopevarchar32 Telescope name {image primary HDU keyword: TELESCOP}NONE 
instrumentvarchar32 Instrument name {image primary HDU keyword: INSTRUME}NONE 
dhsVersionvarchar32 Data handling version {image primary HDU keyword: DHSVER}NONE 
hdtFilevarchar32 Name of global hdt file {image primary HDU keyword: HDTFILE}NONE 
utDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYYObservation date (MM-DD-YYYY) {image primary HDU keyword: UTDATE}12-31-9999time.epoch
utStartfloat8hoursStart time of integration [H.h] {image primary HDU keyword: UTSTART}-0.9999995e9 
utEndfloat8hoursEnd time of integration [H.h] {image primary HDU keyword: UTEND}-0.9999995e9 
numDetectorstinyint1 The number of "detectors" (=image extensions in FITS file) ??
recipevarchar64 Data reduction recipe to be used {image primary HDU keyword: RECIPE}NONEmeta.note
obstypevarchar32 Type (BIAS|DARK|ARC|FLAT|OBJECT|SKY) {image primary HDU keyword: OBSTYPE} ??
obsNumint4 Observation number {image primary HDU keyword: OBSNUM}-99999999meta.number
grpNumint4 Group number applied to all members {image primary HDU keyword: GRPNUM}-99999999meta.number
grpMemtinyint1 Group membership (0=F, 1=T) {image primary HDU keyword: GRPMEM}0CODE_MEM
tileNumint4 Tile number applied to all members {image primary HDU keyword: TILENUM}-99999999 
standardtinyint1 Is target a standard star observation (0=F, 1=T)? {image primary HDU keyword: STANDARD};obs
njittersmallint2 Number of positions in telescope pattern {image primary HDU keyword: NJITTER}-9999meta.number
jitterIDsmallint2 Serial number in this telescope jitter pattern {image primary HDU keyword: JITTER_I}
jitterXreal4arcsecX (RA) offset in tel jitter pattern {image primary HDU keyword: JITTER_X}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;arith.diff
jitterYreal4arcsecY (Dec) offset in tel jitter pattern {image primary HDU keyword: JITTER_Y}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;arith.diff
nuStepsmallint2 Number of positions in microstep pattern {image primary HDU keyword: NUSTEP}-9999meta.number
uStepIDsmallint2 Serial number in this microstep pattern {image primary HDU keyword: USTEP_I}
uStepXreal4arcsecX (RA) offset in microstep pattern {image primary HDU keyword: USTEP_X}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;arith.diff
uStepYreal4arcsecY (Dec) offset in microstep pattern {image primary HDU keyword: USTEP_Y}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;arith.diff
nFocsmallint2 Number of positions in focus scan {image primary HDU keyword: NFOC}-9999meta.number
nFocScansmallint2 Number of focus scans in focus test {image primary HDU keyword: NFOCSCAN}-9999meta.number
dateObs link to glossarydatetime8 Date and time (UTC) of start of the observation {image primary HDU keyword: DATE-OBS}12-31-9999time.epoch
dateEnddatetime8 Date and time (UTC) of end of the observation {image primary HDU keyword: DATE-END}12-31-9999time.epoch
mjdObsfloat8 Modified Julian Date of the observation {image primary HDU keyword: MJD-OBS}-0.9999995e9time.epoch
wcsAxestinyint1 Number of axes in world co-ordinate system {image primary HDU keyword: WCSAXES}0??
raDecSysvarchar4 Mean equator of co-ordinates {image primary HDU keyword: RADESYS}NONEphot.mag;stat.mean
equinoxreal4yearsEquinox of object position {image primary HDU keyword: EQUINOX}-0.9999995e9time.equinox
raBasefloat8hoursRight ascension of base position {image primary HDU keyword: RABASE}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decBasefloat8degreesDeclination of base position {image primary HDU keyword: DECBASE}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
raTelOffreal4arcsecRight ascension telescope offset {image primary HDU keyword: TRAOFF}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;arith.diff
decTelOffreal4arcsecDeclination telescope offset {image primary HDU keyword: TDECOFF}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;arith.diff
amStartreal4 Airmass at start of observation {image primary HDU keyword: AMSTART}-0.9999995e9obs.airMass
amEndreal4 Airmass at end of observation {image primary HDU keyword: AMEND}-0.9999995e9obs.airMass
telRafloat8hoursCurrent telescope right ascension {image primary HDU keyword: TELRA}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
telDecfloat8degreesCurrent telescope declination {image primary HDU keyword: TELDEC}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
gsRafloat8hoursRight ascension of guide star {image primary HDU keyword: GSRA}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
gsDecfloat8degreesDeclination of guide star {image primary HDU keyword: GSDEC}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
expTimereal4secondsIntegration time per exposure {image primary HDU keyword: EXP_TIME}-0.9999995e9time.duration;obs.exposure
numExpsmallint2 Number of exposures in integration {image primary HDU keyword: NEXP}-9999meta.number
numIntssmallint2 Number of integrations in observation {image primary HDU keyword: NINT} meta.number
readIntervalreal4secondsInterval between reads {image primary HDU keyword: READINT}-0.9999995e9time.interval
numReadssmallint2 Number of reads per exposure {image primary HDU keyword: NREADS}-9999meta.number
filterNamevarchar8 WFCAM combined filter name {image primary HDU keyword: FILTER} ??
filterIDtinyint1 UID of combined filter (assigned in WSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=K,6=H2,7=Br,8=blank,9=1.205nbJ,10=1.619nbH,11=1.644FeII) meta.code;instr.filter
extinctionreal4magExtinction coefficient {image primary HDU keyword: EXTINCT}-0.9999995e9 
airTempreal4degrees_CelsiusAir temperature {image primary HDU keyword: AIRTEMP}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
ambiPressurereal4 Ambient pressure {image primary HDU keyword: BARPRESS}-0.9999995e9phys.pressure
dewPointreal4degrees_CelsiusDewpoint {image primary HDU keyword: DEWPOINT}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
domeTempreal4degrees_CelsiusDome temperature {image primary HDU keyword: DOMETEMP}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
humidityreal4 Relative Humidity {image primary HDU keyword: HUMIDITY}-0.9999995e9meta.note;obs
mirrTempNEreal4degrees_CelsiusMirror temperature NE {image primary HDU keyword: MIRR_NE}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
mirrTempNWreal4degrees_CelsiusMirror temperature NW {image primary HDU keyword: MIRR_NW}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
mirrTempSEreal4degrees_CelsiusMirror temperature SE {image primary HDU keyword: MIRR_SE}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
mirrTempSWreal4degrees_CelsiusMirror temperature SW {image primary HDU keyword: MIRR_SW}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
mirrBottTempNWreal4degrees_CelsiusMirror bottom temp. NW {image primary HDU keyword: MIRRBTNW}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
mirrTopTempNWreal4degrees_CelsiusMirror top temp. NW {image primary HDU keyword: MIRRTPNW}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
secondaryTempreal4degrees_CelsiusTemperature of secondary {image primary HDU keyword: SECONDAR}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
topAirTempNWreal4degrees_CelsiusTop air NW {image primary HDU keyword: TOPAIRNW}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
trussTempENEreal4degrees_CelsiusTruss leg ENE {image primary HDU keyword: TRUSSENE}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
trussTempWSWreal4degrees_CelsiusTruss leg WSW {image primary HDU keyword: TRUSSWSW}-0.9999995e9phys.temperature
windDirectionreal4degWind direction, azimuth {image primary HDU keyword: WIND_DIR}-0.9999995e9meta.note;obs
windSpeedreal4km/hWind speed {image primary HDU keyword: WIND_SPD}-0.9999995e9phys.veloc;arith.ratio
tauCSOreal4 Tau at 225 GHz from CSO {image primary HDU keyword: CSOTAU}-0.9999995e9phys.absorption.opticalDepth
tauDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYYTime and date of Tau reading {image primary HDU keyword: TAUDATE}12-31-9999time.epoch
tauSourcevarchar64 Source of opacity data {image primary HDU keyword: TAUSRC}NONEmeta.ref.url
m2xreal4millimetresRaw position of M2 X (E-W) {image primary HDU keyword: M2_X}-0.9999995e9 
m2yreal4millimetresRaw position of M2 Y (N-S) {image primary HDU keyword: M2_Y}-0.9999995e9 
m2zreal4millimetresRaw position of M2 Z (focus) {image primary HDU keyword: M2_Z}-0.9999995e9 
m2ureal4mradRaw position of M2 U (N-S tilt) {image primary HDU keyword: M2_U}-0.9999995e9 
m2vreal4mradRaw position of M2 V (E-W tilt) {image primary HDU keyword: M2_V}-0.9999995e9 
m2wreal4mradRaw position of M2 W (axial rotation) {image primary HDU keyword: M2_W}-0.9999995e9 
telFocusreal4 Telescope focus {image primary HDU keyword: TCS_FOC}-0.9999995e9 
focusPosreal4millimetresFocus position {image primary HDU keyword: FOC_POSN}-0.9999995e9instr.param
focusZeroreal4millimetresFocus zero-point position {image primary HDU keyword: FOC_ZERO}-0.9999995e9instr.param
focusOffsetreal4millimetresFocus offset {image primary HDU keyword: FOC_OFFS}-0.9999995e9instr.param
focusFiltOffreal4millimetresFocus filter offset {image primary HDU keyword: FOC_FOFF}-0.9999995e9instr.param
focusSerialint4 Serial number in focus scan {image primary HDU keyword: FOC_I}-99999999??
focusNominOffreal4millimetresOffset from nominal focus position {image primary HDU keyword: FOC_OFF}-0.9999995e9instr.param
focusInstFiltOffreal4millimetresfocus offset for inst. filter {image primary HDU keyword: TEL_FOFF}-0.9999995e9instr.param
apertureXreal4arcsecAperture X axis coordinate {image primary HDU keyword: APER_X}-0.9999995e9 
apertureYreal4arcsecAperture Y axis coordinate {image primary HDU keyword: APER_Y}-0.9999995e9 
hourAnglereal4degreesHour angle {image primary HDU keyword: HABASE}-0.9999995e9 
z7real4 Coma: Z7 {image primary HDU keyword: Z7}-0.9999995e9 
z8real4 Coma: Z8 {image primary HDU keyword: Z8}-0.9999995e9 
z11real4 Spherical: Z11 {image primary HDU keyword: Z11}-0.9999995e9 
astigAmplreal4 Astigmatism: amplitude {image primary HDU keyword: AAMP}-0.9999995e9 
astigPhireal4 Astigmatism: angle {image primary HDU keyword: APHI}-0.9999995e9 
hz5cdreal4 Astigmatism: HZ5CD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ5CD}-0.9999995e9 
hz5chreal4 Astigmatism: HZ5CH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ5CH}-0.9999995e9 
hz5sdreal4 Astigmatism: HZ5SD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ5SD}-0.9999995e9 
hz5shreal4 Astigmatism: HZ5SH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ5SH}-0.9999995e9 
hz6cdreal4 Astigmatism: HZ6CD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ6CD}-0.9999995e9 
hz6sdreal4 Astigmatism: HZ6SD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ6SD}-0.9999995e9 
hz6chreal4 Astigmatism: HZ6CH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ6CH}-0.9999995e9 
hz6shreal4 Astigmatism: HZ6SH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ6SH}-0.9999995e9 
iz5real4 Astigmatism: IZ5 {image primary HDU keyword: IZ5}-0.9999995e9 
iz6real4 Astigmatism: IZ6 {image primary HDU keyword: IZ6}-0.9999995e9 
trefAmplreal4 Trefoil: Amplitude {image primary HDU keyword: TAMP}-0.9999995e9 
trefPhireal4 Trefoil: angle {image primary HDU keyword: TPHI}-0.9999995e9 
hz9cdreal4 Trefoil: HZ9CD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ9CD}-0.9999995e9 
hz9chreal4 Trefoil: HZ9CH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ9CH}-0.9999995e9 
hz9sdreal4 Trefoil: HZ9SD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ9SD}-0.9999995e9 
hz9shreal4 Trefoil: HZ9SH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ9SH}-0.9999995e9 
hz10cdreal4 Trefoil: HZ10CD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ10CD}-0.9999995e9 
hz10chreal4 Trefoil: HZ10CH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ10CH}-0.9999995e9 
hz10sdreal4 Trefoil: HZ10SD {image primary HDU keyword: HZ10SD}-0.9999995e9 
hz10shreal4 Trefoil: HZ10SH {image primary HDU keyword: HZ10SH}-0.9999995e9 
iz9real4 Trefoil: IZ9 {image primary HDU keyword: IZ9}-0.9999995e9 
iz10real4 Trefoil: IZ10 {image primary HDU keyword: IZ10}-0.9999995e9 
cryostPresfloat8millibarCryostat Pressure {image primary HDU keyword: CC_PRES}-0.9999995e9 
beamNSreal4 Topend: N-S beam {image primary HDU keyword: NSBEAM}-0.9999995e9 
beamWEreal4 Topend: W-E beam {image primary HDU keyword: WEBEAM}-0.9999995e9 
ccdTempreal4degrees_KelvinAG CCD temperature {image primary HDU keyword: CCD_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
ccdTempSetPtreal4 AG CCD temperature setpoint {image primary HDU keyword: CCDTEMPS}-0.9999995e9 
corPlateTempreal4degrees_KelvinCor plate temperature {image primary HDU keyword: CP_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
lncTempreal4degrees_KelvinLN can temperature {image primary HDU keyword: LNC_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
M3Tempreal4degrees_KelvinM3 temperature {image primary HDU keyword: M3_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
topRingTempreal4degrees_KelvinTop ring temperature {image primary HDU keyword: TR_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
radShieldTempreal4degrees_KelvinRad shield temperature {image primary HDU keyword: RS_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
fsTempreal4degrees_KelvinCCC 1st stage temperature {image primary HDU keyword: FS_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
ssTempreal4degrees_KelvinCCC 2nd stage temperature {image primary HDU keyword: SS_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
detTempSetPtreal4degrees_KelvinDet temperature setpoint {image primary HDU keyword: DETTEMPS}-0.9999995e9 
detTempAltreal4degrees_KelvinDET_TEMP alternate sensor {image primary HDU keyword: DETTEMPB}-0.9999995e9 
detHeaterLevelreal4 Det heater level (in percent) {image primary HDU keyword: DET_HTP}-0.9999995e9 
ccdHeaterLevelreal4 AG CCD heater level (in percent) {image primary HDU keyword: CCD_HTP}-0.9999995e9 
scTempreal4degrees_KelvinSCSU cab temperature {image primary HDU keyword: SC_TEMP}-0.9999995e9 
isu2Portvarchar32 ISU2 port name {image primary HDU keyword: ISU2PORT}NONE 
isu2TiltOffsetint4 ISU2 tilt offset {image primary HDU keyword: ISU2TOFF}-99999999 
isu2PortOffsetint4 ISU2 port offset {image primary HDU keyword: ISU2POFF}-99999999 
guidingvarchar10 Guider status (OFF|ON|PAUSED) {image primary HDU keyword: GUIDING}NONE 
fastGuiderModevarchar32 Fast guider mode {image primary HDU keyword: FGMODE}NONE 
autoGuiderFreqreal4 Autoguider: Frequency {image primary HDU keyword: AGFREQ}-0.9999995e9 
fileNamevarchar256 the filename for the multiframe, eg. server:/path/;meta.file
catNamevarchar256 the filename of the associated catalogue MEF, eg. server:/path/filename.fits;meta.dataset
versionNum link to glossaryreal4 a version number for this frame (if available)
darkIDbigint8 UID of library calibration dark frame {image extension keyword: DARKCOR}-99999999obs.field
confIDbigint8 UID of library calibration confidence frame {image extension keyword: CIR_CPM}-99999999obs.field
flatIDbigint8 UID of library calibration flatfield frame {image extension keyword: FLATCOR}-99999999obs.field
frinIDbigint8 UID of library calibration fringe frame-99999999obs.field
skyIDbigint8 UID of library calibration sky sub frame {image extension keyword: SKYSUB}-99999999obs.field
maskIDbigint8 UID of library object mask frame {image extension keyword: CIR_OPM}-99999999obs.field
deprecated link to glossarytinyint1 Code for a current (=0) or deprecated (!=0) multiframe0meta.code
newlyIngestedtinyint1 Curation flag for internal use only (0=no, 1=yes)1??
agentIdvarchar64 Externally assigned unique identifier for remote agent (if any) {image primary HDU keyword: AGENTID}NONE??
remoteAgentvarchar64 Name of remote agent (if any) {image primary HDU keyword: RMTAGENT}NONE??
trackSysvarchar64 Telescope tracking coordinate system, eg J2000, MOUNT etc. {image primary HDU keyword: TRACKSYS}NONEtime.equinox
raMoonfloat8hoursGeocentric J2000 FK5 Mean Right ascension of the Moon-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decMoonfloat8degreesGeocentric J2000 FK5 Mean Declination of the Moon-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
illumMoonfloat8 Illumination of the Moon-0.9999995e9??
raMoonTopofloat8hoursApparent topocentric Right ascension of the Moon (including precession, nutation, and annual aberration)-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decMoonTopofloat8degreesApparent topocentric Declination of the Moon (including precession, nutation, and annual aberration)-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
ignoretinyint1 Ignore this file in group process {image primary HDU keyword: IGNORE}0meta.code
reqJSkyMinfloat8mag/arcsec**2requested minimum J sky brightness {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MINSB}-0.9999995e9 
reqJSkyMaxfloat8mag/arcsec**2requested maximum J sky brightness {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MAXSB}-0.9999995e9 
reqSeeingMinfloat8arcsecrequested minimum seeing {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MNSEE}-0.9999995e9 
reqSeeingMaxfloat8arcsecrequested maximum seeing {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MXSEE}-0.9999995e9 
reqCloudMinfloat8percentagerequested minimum cloud coverage {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MINCL}-0.9999995e9 
reqCloudMaxfloat8percentagerequested maximum cloud coverage {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MAXCL}-0.9999995e9 
reqTauMinfloat8 requested minimum tau constraint {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MNTAU}-0.9999995e9 
reqTauMaxfloat8 requested maximum tau constraint {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MXTAU}-0.9999995e9 
reqMoonMinfloat8percentagerequested minimum illumination moon {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MINMN}-0.9999995e9 
reqMoonMaxfloat8percentagerequested maximum illumination moon {image primary HDU keyword: RQ_MAXMN}-0.9999995e9 
illumFilevarchar256 File name of CASU created photometric illumination correction used on catalogue data from this fileNONE 
msbRejectedvarchar256 Cause of MSB rejection, default if not rejected {image primary HDU keyword: MSBFUD}NONE 
skyAlgorithmvarchar64 Sky estimation algorithm {image primary HDU keyword: SKYALGO}NONE 
unfilteredIDbigint8 UID of original unfiltered frame corresponding to this filtered frame-99999999obs.field
secFocalOffsetreal4 Secondary mirror focal offset, introduced in May 2010. This will be 0 for normal science frames, but will have other values when the secondary is moved to achieve the best focus {image primary HDU keyword: FOC_TOFF}-0.9999995e9??
mainImageIDbigint8 UID of frame that this auxilliary image is related to-99999999obs.field
gpsObsdatetime8 Date and time (UTC) of start of the observation from GPS data {image primary HDU keyword: GPS-OBS}12-31-9999time.epoch
gpsEnddatetime8 Date and time (UTC) of end of the observation from GPS data {image primary HDU keyword: GPS-END}12-31-9999time.epoch
lstObsdatetime8 Date and time (LST) of start of the observation {image primary HDU keyword: LST-OBS}12-31-9999time.epoch
lstEnddatetime8 Date and time (LST) of end of the observation from GPS data {image primary HDU keyword: LST-END}12-31-9999time.epoch
Total length3044