TABLE  MultiframeDetector

Contains details of individual detector frames that are part of a multiframe.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (multiframeID,extNum)
  • (multiframeID) references Multiframe(multiframeID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
multiframeIDbigint8 the UID of the relevant multiframe obs.field
extNumtinyint1 the extension number of this frame meta.number
cuEventIDint4 UID of curation event giving rise to this record meta.bib
compFilevarchar256 Filename of the compressed image of this image frame, eg. server:/path/;meta.file
julianDayNumint4Julian daysthe Julian Day number of the UKIRT night {image primary HDU keyword: UTDATE} time.epoch
camNumint4 Number of WFCAM camera (1, 2, 3 or 4) {image extension keyword: CAMNUM} obs.field
configIndexint4 Configuration index {image extension keyword: CNFINDEX}-99999999spect.index
deviceIDvarchar32 Device UID identifying every IR device {image extension keyword: DETECTID} obs.field
filterIDtinyint1 UID of combined filter (assigned in WSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=K,6=H2,7=Br,8=blank,9=1.205nbJ,10=1.619nbH,11=1.644FeII) {image primary HDU keyword: FILTER} meta.code;instr.filter
runIDvarchar256 Name of CASU raw data file {image extension keyword: RUNID};meta.file
creationDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYY:hh:mm:ss.sssCreation date/time of file {image extension keyword: DATE}12-31-9999??
imageExtNamevarchar16 Extension name in source FITS image file {image extension keyword: XTENSION}NONE??
bitsPerPixsmallint2FITS bitpixNumber of bits per data pixel, eg. +32 = 4 byte integers {image extension keyword: BITPIX} meta.number
dataScalereal4 Scaling of pixel values {image extension keyword: BSCALE}1.0??
dataZeroreal4 Zeropoint of pixel values {image extension keyword: BZERO}0.0??
numAxestinyint1 Number of data axes; eg. 2 meta.number
axis1Lengthint4 length of data axis 1 (X-axis size) {image extension keyword: (Z)NAXIS1} meta.number
axis2Lengthint4 length of data axis 2 (Y-axis size) {image extension keyword: (Z)NAXIS2} meta.number
imagePcountint4 FITS image extension required keyword (always 0 for uncompressed images) {image extension keyword: PCOUNT} meta.number
imageGcountint4 FITS image extension required keyword (always 1 for uncompressed images) {image extension keyword: GCOUNT} meta.number
detectorTypevarchar16 Detector array used, eg. Aladdin {image extension keyword: DETECTOR};instr
detRowssmallint2pixelsNumber of detector rows {image extension keyword: DROWS} meta.number
detColssmallint2pixelsNumber of detector columns {image extension keyword: DCOLUMNS} meta.number
startColsmallint2 Start column of array readout {image extension keyword: RDOUT_X1} meta.number
endColsmallint2 End column of array readout {image extension keyword: RDOUT_X2} meta.number
startRowsmallint2 Start row of array readout {image extension keyword: RDOUT_Y1} meta.number
endRowsmallint2 End row of array readout {image extension keyword: RDOUT_Y2} meta.number
pixelScalereal4arcsec per pixelWarning - Original detector pixel size, the actual angular pixel size is written to xPixSize and yPixSize in the CurrentAstrometry table {image extension keyword: PIXLSIZE}-0.9999995e9phys.angSize;instr.pixel
xSizeint4 Corresponding image size (X); value only available if catalogue file exists {catalogue extension keyword:  NXOUT}-99999999meta.number
ySizeint4 Corresponding image size (Y); value only available if catalogue file exists {catalogue extension keyword:  NYOUT}-99999999meta.number
gainreal4electrons/ADUDetector gain {image extension keyword: GAIN}-0.9999995e9??
readNoisereal4 Readnoise estimate {image extension keyword: READNOIS}-0.9999995e9??
CIRMEDreal4 Latest estimate of background {image extension keyword: CIRMED}-0.9999995e9instr.background
CIR_BVARreal4 Latest estimate of background variance {image extension keyword: CIR_BVAR}-0.9999995e9instr.background
CIR_ZEROreal4 Pedestal value relative to group average {image extension keyword: CIR_ZERO}
CIR_SCALreal4 Background scale relative to group maximum {image extension keyword: CIR_SCAL}-0.9999995e9instr.background
ditherOffsetXreal4 Dither offset X {image extension keyword: CIR_XOFF}-0.9999995e9pos;arith.diff
ditherOffsetYreal4 Dither offset Y {image extension keyword: CIR_YOFF}-0.9999995e9pos;arith.diff
readModevarchar8 Name of camera readmode {image primary HDU keyword: READMODE}NONE??
readOutAppvarchar32 Name of camera readout application {image extension keyword: CAPPLICN}NONE??
camReadOutvarchar3 Camera readout (CDS|NDR|SAR|RRR) {image extension keyword: READOUT}---??
camRolevarchar8 Camera role (master|slave|unsync) {image extension keyword: CAMROLE}NONE??
camPowervarchar3 Camera power (On|Off) {image extension keyword: CAMPOWER}---??
detectorTempreal4degrees_KelvinDetector array temperature {image extension keyword: DET_TEMP}-0.9999995e9??
pcSysIDvarchar32 PC system identifier {image extension keyword: PCSYSID}NONE??
sdsuNumvarchar32 Serial number of SDSU controller {image extension keyword: SDSUID}NONE??
hdtFileExtvarchar32 Name of camera-specific hdt file {image extension keyword: HDTFILE2}NONE??
decurtFlagvarchar32 De-curtaining flag {image extension keyword: DECURTN}NONE??
skyCorrExt tooltip real4 Percentage sky correction of the detector {image extension keyword: PERCORR}-0.9999995e9??
extinctionExt link to glossaryreal4magsExtinction coefficient of the detector {image extension keyword: EXTINCT}-0.9999995e9??
skyCorrCat tooltip real4 Percentage sky correction for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  PERCORR}-0.9999995e9??
photZPCat link to glossaryreal4magsPhotometric zero point for default extinction for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  MAGZPT}-0.9999995e9??
photZPErrCat tooltip real4magsPhotometric zero point error for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  MAGZRR}-0.9999995e9??
extinctionCat link to glossaryreal4magsExtinction coefficient for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  EXTINCT}-0.9999995e9??
tableExtNamevarchar16 Extension name of source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  EXTNAME}NONE??
tableWidthsmallint2bytesRow size of source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  NAXIS1}-9999??
tableRowsint4 No. of rows in source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  NAXIS2}-99999999??
tablePcountsmallint2 FITS binary table required keyword {catalogue extension keyword:  PCOUNT}-9999??
tableGcountsmallint2 FITS binary table required keyword {catalogue extension keyword:  GCOUNT}-9999??
tableFieldssmallint2 No. of fields per row in source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  TFIELDS}-9999??
catCreationDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYY:hh:mm:ss.sssCreation date/time of catalogue file {catalogue extension keyword:  DATE}12-31-9999??
skyLevel link to glossaryreal4counts/pixelMedian sky brightness {catalogue extension keyword:  SKYLEVEL}-0.9999995e9??
skyNoise link to glossaryreal4countsPixel noise at sky level {catalogue extension keyword:  SKYNOISE}-0.9999995e9??
seeing link to glossaryreal4pixelsAverage FWHM {catalogue extension keyword:  SEEING}-0.9999995e9??
avStellarEll tooltipreal4 Average stellar ellipticity (1-b/a) {catalogue extension keyword:  ELLIPTIC}-0.9999995e9src.ellipticity
avSaturLevel link to glossaryreal4 Average saturation level in frame {catalogue extension keyword:  SATURATE}-0.9999995e9??
aperCorPeak tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: peak height {catalogue extension keyword:  APCORPK}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor1 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 1⁄2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR1}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor2 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 1⁄√2 core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR2}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor3 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR3}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor4 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: √2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR4}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor5 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR5}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor6 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 2√2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR6}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor7 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 4 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR7}-0.9999995e9??
thresholdIsoph link to glossaryreal4countsIsophotal analysis threshold {catalogue extension keyword:  THRESHOL}-0.9999995e9??
minImageSize link to glossaryint4pixelsMinimum size for images {catalogue extension keyword:  MINPIX}-99999999??
crowdedFlag link to glossarytinyint1 Crowded field analysis flag (0 none, 1 active) {catalogue extension keyword:  CROWDED}0meta.code
coreRadius link to glossaryreal4pixelsCore radius for default profile fit {catalogue extension keyword:  RCORE}-0.9999995e9??
deprecated link to glossarytinyint1 Code for a current (=0) or deprecated (!=0) multiframe detector0meta.code
decurtainRangereal4 Range of decurtain correction {image extension keyword: CURTNRNG}-0.9999995e9??
skySubScalefloat8 Scale factor applied to sky subtraction image {image extension keyword: SKYSUB}-0.9999995e9??
morphClassFlagtinyint1 Image morphological classifier flag, set if the classifier has been run. If so an object classification flag and a stellarness index is included in the binary table columns. {catalogue extension keyword:  CLASSIFD}0meta.code
numZPCatint4 Number of standards used in determining photZPCat and photZPCatErr {catalogue extension keyword:  NUMZPT}-99999999 
nightZPCatreal4magsAverage photometric zero point for night {catalogue extension keyword:  NIGHTZPT}-0.9999995e9??
nightZPErrCat tooltipreal4magsPhotometric zero point sigma for night {catalogue extension keyword:  NIGHTZRR}-0.9999995e9??
xTalkFlagvarchar32 Xtalk flag, set if xtalk check has been done. {image extension keyword: XTALK}NONE 
nightZPNumint4magsNumber of ZP in band used to calculate nightZPCat {catalogue extension keyword:  NIGHTNUM}-99999999??
smoothingreal4pixelsFWHM of the smoothing kernel {catalogue extension keyword:  FILTFWHM}-0.9999995e9 
totalExpTimereal4secondsTotal exposure time for this detector-0.9999995e9 
abMagLimreal4mag5-sigma limiting AB magnitude for point sources {catalogue extension keyword:  ABMAGLIM}-0.9999995e9 
abSatMagreal4magSaturation limit for point sources (AB magnitude) {catalogue extension keyword:  ABMAGSAT}-0.9999995e9 
Total length1082