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UKIRT Hemisphere Survey, Full J band Data Release

The UKIRT Hemisphere Survey: Definition and Full J-band Data Release - link to astro-ph paper

This first UHS data release is initially available to UK, University of Hawaii and University of Arizona astronomers. UK and Hawaii users should login using the same username and password you had for UKIDSS access but change the community to UHS. University of Arizona users will also use the UHS community but will need to be assigned usernames/passwords, please email wsa-support for a login.

Accessing UHS data via the WSA is similar to accessing UKIDSS data, though currently there is only one band, J. The main object catalogues are held in the database tables uhsDetection and uhsSource. The source table holds a subset of the attributes held in detection and also the seaming flag, priOrSec, which can be used to generate a seamless (expunge detections in overlap regions) catalogue.

The sky coverage of this release is approximately 12,700 sq degress, MOC maps of the coverage.

Quality control, similar to that carried out for UKIDSS, has been performed on the data. Detections from deprecated frames do not appear in uhsDetection or uhsSource. A decision was made to additionally make all data available. To that end uhsSourceAll contains those detections flagged with ppErrBits bit 29 (536,870,912) and/or bit 30 (1,073,741,824). Bit 29 set indicates the underlying frame did not meet quantitative cuts applied to seeing, ellipticity, zero-point or nominal depth. Bit 30 set indicates that the frame was flagged during eye-balling as being suspect (trailed etc). Similarly uhsDetectionAll contains detections with bit 29 and/or bit 30 set in ppErrBits and from other deprecated frames (eg repeat observations).

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