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Data policy

The WFCAM Science Archive contains data from all pipeline processed WFCAM programmes, both survey (i.e. the UKIDSS, UHS) and non-survey (open time PI) programmes. Note that these datasets may have proprietary periods attached to them.

UKIDSS data: originally for use by consortium members and astronomers in ESO member countries. However, all UKIDSS data is now world-public.

rUHS-J data: At the current time, rUHS data is available to astronomers from UK, UH, UA, and some astronomers from NASA and Lockheed Martin. It is expected that the rUHS-J data will become world-public in August 2018.

Future UHS data: Further UHS data is being collected under the new operational agreement. A plan for data releases will be announced in due course.

PI data: Observations from the (pre-2014) STFC-era are all now publicly available. PI observations since that time by UA and UH astronomers are not publicly available, but their release is under discussion.

If you wish to access proprietary data and are entitled to do so, then you must be registered with an appropriate user community. This enables you to log in to the archive server and gain full access to the proprietary data associated with that community.

Details of proprietary data are always available in the archive, even if the data themselves are protected.

Note that suggested wording for citing WFCAM data in general and UKIDSS and UHS data in particular, is given on the publications page.

UHS Fair Use Policy

During the proprietary period, access to the rUHS data requires logging in with a registered user name and password. Registration is through administrative contact points at the various communities that have access. (Collectively, "the UHS community") If you don’t know who your local contact is, do feel free to enquire via the email helpdesk. The restricted access applies only to the recently created "rUHS" area. Data in the the original UKIDSS areas is world public.

Scientists with community access rights are welcome to use the UHS data as part of collaborative projects with scientists from outside the UHS community, but they must not provide direct access to non-community scientists, and they must have a genuine role in the project - i.e. please do not act as a proxy. Once a new dataset has been created by querying the UHS database, that new dataset can be freely used. However, note that this is intended for small tables etc - please don’t create massive subsets of the database that are passed on to others.

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