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DR8 Release - September 3rd 2010 (UDS added October 19th 2010, GPS added February 17th 2012)

DR9 release page

The charts linked below show the status of the UKIDSS surveys in this release. This 8th release, like the DR7plus release, only contains one database, UKIDSSDR8plus, which contains all the data, i.e. includes data from fields that have incomplete waveband coverage as prescribed by a given survey. The WSA DR8plus release contains views of the survey source tables that allow users to easily target their queries at only those areas that have complete waveband coverage. The names of the source table views are lasYJHKsource, gpsJHKsource, gcsZYJHKsource and dxsJKsource. These names reflect the required waveband coverage. They appear in the schema browser under both the table and view sections. The UDS being only one field that now has coverage in J, H and K does not require a view.

A description of the data and how it is held in the archive is given in the data overview.

DR8 Release Summary

Survey No. of multiframes No. of objects in
detection table
No. of sources in
source table
Approximate depths Plots
LAS 583,523 175,202,369 69,656,410 Y=20.2, J=19.6, H=18.8, K=18.2 link
GPS 333,091 1,679,726,660 700,642,897 J=19.8, H=19.0, K=18.1 link
GCS 137,686 102,603,261 51,047,567 Z=20.4, Y=20.1, J=19.6, H=18.8, K=18.2 link
DXS 292,779 19,215,516 2,042,336 J=20.9-22.4,K=19.2-21.2 link
UDS 220,611 12,228,687 186,356 J=23.8, H=22.6, K=22.5 (5 sigma, 2 arcsec aperture link

New in DR8:

  • On 17th February 2012 GPS data were included in DR8. The data have been globally reprocessed and recalibrated to addresss the known issue of poor zero-point determination in some regions of high extinction. The fix is described in detail under known issues. A consequence of the reprocessing and subsequent re-application of QC is that a small fraction of data that has appeared in earlier releeases will have been deprecated from DR8.
  • On 19th October 2010 the latest UDS stack was published in DR8. Further general information is available at the UDS pages hosted by the University of Nottingham.
  • With the UDS release came the restoration of the lasSourceXSSASource table that had been offline since DR4
  • The DXS has entirely new deep stacked images using the latest version of the CASU software tools for image stacking and catalogue extraction. The association of candidate intermediate stacked images for the deep stack images is now made automatically to maximise the usage of the available data and to provide a uniform collection of deep image fields. As such there may be slight changes to selection of deep image fields for a given product ID. Finally, DXS source catalogues now have the quality flag for the "source possibly close to saturation" condition applied to them and their ancestor detections from the deep stacked images.
Particular attention should be given to any notes detailing limitations and known issues - see below, known issues and data overview.

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