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DR11 Release - May 2019

Initially DR11 only contained UDS data but this release, UKIDSSDR11PLUS, contains data from all UKIDSS surveys.

The WSA DR11plus release contains views of the survey source tables that allow users to easily target their queries at only those areas that have complete waveband coverage. The names of the source table views are lasYJHKsource, gpsJHKsource, gcsZYJHKsource and dxsJKsource. These names reflect the required waveband coverage. They appear in the schema browser under both the table and view sections. The UDS being only one field that has coverage in J, H and K does not require a view.

A description of the data and how it is held in the archive is given in the data overview.

New in DR11:

  • LAS, GCS, and GPS: where available deep images have been formed form the two epochs J_1 and J_2 (LAS) and K_1 and K_2 (GPS and GCS). The deeps appear in the respective mergelogs and source tables as attributes beginning with just J or K and no number. If no deep image is availble these attributes are populated from one of the epoch measurements (eg for lasMergelog jmfid > 0 and jmfid = j_1mfid or jmfid=j_2mfid) ). Deep frames have multiframeIDs greater than 1000000000000.
Particular attention should be given to any notes detailing limitations and known issues - see below, known issues and data overview.

DR11 Release Summary

MOC coverage maps

Survey No. of multiframes No. of objects in
detection table
No. of sources in
source table
Approximate depths
LAS 907,231 264,325,405 88,298,646 Y=20.2, J=19.6, H=18.8, K=18.2
GPS 695,822 3,421,710,759 1,006,543,687 J=19.8, H=19.0, K=18.1
GCS 246,651 159,962,019 70,837,101 Z=20.4, Y=20.1, J=19.6, H=18.8, K=18.2
DXS 528,531 37,006,743 3,370,835 J=20.9-22.4,K=19.2-21.2
UDS 450,377 24,792,065 296,026 J=24.3, H=23.3, K=23.0 (5 sigma, 2 arcsec aperture)

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