TABLE  u18ancu03SourceXtwompzPhotoz

Cross-neighbours between u18ancu03 and twompzPhotoz.

All TWOMPZ..twompzPhotoz sources within 10.0 arcsec of each source from
U18ANCU03 data are recorded in this cross-neighbour table. The table
u18ancu03Source was joined to the twompzPhotoz table to create these
cross-neighbours. Use this table for any cross-querying of U18ANCU03
data with sources from 2MPZ.

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
masterObjIDbigint8 The unique ID in u18ancu03Source (=sourceID) ID_MAIN
slaveObjIDbigint8 The unique ID of the neighbour in TWOMPZ..twompzPhotoz (=twomassID) ID_CATALOG
distanceMinsreal4arcminutesAngular separation between neighbours POS_ANG_DIST_GENERAL
Total length20