TABLE  RequiredListDrivenProduct

Contains programmes/surveys required for list-driven co-located photometry.

This table contains the matrix of WSA programmes and external surveys
that are required to be analysed for "list driven co-located photometry",
e.g. within any given WFCAM programme, or between the UKIDSS LAS and SDSS.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (programmeID,tableID,surveyID)
  • (programmeID,tableID) references ProgrammeTable(programmeID,tableID)
  • (surveyID) references ExternalSurvey(surveyID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
programmeIDint4 the unique programme ID
tableIDint4 the unique ID of the table with the source list driving the remeasurements;meta.main
surveyIDint4 the unique ID of the external survey (if applicable)
filterIDtinyint1 filterID of the data that the list is driven from. If 0, then take the source list.  
extractorvarchar16 CASU list driven or SExtractor dual image modeNONE 
transFilevarchar16 CASU list-driven photometry tool option specifying the source of the driving list (e.g. "use=radeclist") ??
Total length45